Top 15 Facts About Jason Statham

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Jason Statham is an English actor, former model, martial artist and a world-class diver. Read top 15 facts about your favourite Jason Statham.

1. Jason Statham began his working career as a street seller.

2. Given his voice to video games like Red Faction II as Shrike in 2002, Call of Duty.

3. He starred in a Kit Kat commercial.

4. He was offered the role of Agent 47 in 2007 "Hitman" after Vin Diesel was dropped.

5. No one is too sure when Jason was born. Some say he came into this world in 1967 and others say 1972.

6. He failed his driving test. Multiple times.

7. He was once arrested for driving a golf cart.

8. His father is a street seller and lounge singer.

9. He actually performed the helicopter stunt from the end of Crank.

10. The plane scene from The Expendables was almost his last. Stallone decided to have Statham be the one to fire the nose cone guns on the day of filming the scene, and after the two finished filming, the pilot informed them that the engine was leaking and they were lucky it had managed to stay in the air as long as it had.

11. Played football for his school from 1978 to 1983.

12. Jason Statham is also a chess master.

13. He supports the Autograph Store Charity Fund raising, by signing the charity's auction items.

14. He landed several small roles in music videos such as The Shamen's Comin' On Strong, and Erasure's Run To The Sun.

15. Has been an Olympic diver on the British National Diving Team and finished 12th in the World Championships in 1992.