20 Mind Blowing Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a prominent Indian political leader who campaigned for Indian independence. Read some amazing facts about Mahatma Gandhi.

1. Gandhi did not celebrate the moment of Independence. He wasn’t even in Delhi.

2. Mahatma Gandhi walked around 18 km everyday, for 40 years!

3. Gandhi, as a lawyer to Dada Abdulla & Co. in Natal, South Africa, was paid 15,000 dollars every year at the time.

4. Gandhi actually owned a couple of football clubs in South Africa.

5. Gandhi had difficulty getting along with his wife during the early days of their marriage.

6. The first & the only Indian to have been accorded the “TIME Person Of The Year” title.

7. Rabindranath Tagore was the man who gave Gandhi the tag of “Mahatma”.

8. A born journalist, Gandhi wrote around 10 million words during his 40 years of struggle.

9. Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize five times. The committee till date regrets not awarding Gandhi with the Nobel Prize.

10. Though Gandhi did not like being photographed, he was perhaps the most photographed man of the time.

11. In a letter to Hitler, appealing him to stop the war, Gandhi referred to him as “dear friend”.

12. Gandhi was responsible for the Civil Rights movement in 4 continents and 12 countries.

13. Great Britain, the country against whom he fought for independence, released a stamp honouring him, 21 years after his death.

14. Mahatma Gandhi corresponded with a lot of people – Tolstoy, Einstein and Hitler were among the many.

15. Steve Jobs was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi – his round glasses are not only similar but also a tribute.

16. Mahatma Gandhi spoke English with an Irish accent, for one of his first teachers was an Irishman.

17. Gandhi experimented with smoking with his elder brother but he soon quit smoking, finding it distasteful. Then he experimented with meat-eating with a Muslim friend as he was convinced that the English were able to rule India because they ate meat.

18. Gandhi was born on Friday, India got its independence on Friday, and he was assassinated on Friday.

19. In November 2013, Gandhi’s charkha was auctioned for 110,000 pounds.

20. Mahatma Gandhi's most outspoken political critic was Winston Churchill.